Guitar and Bass Repairs

It's amazing what a professional setup can do for the overall playability and tone of your guitar or bass. A setup that includes a fresh set of strings, string action adjustment, truss rod adjustment and overall cleaning can make a night and day difference for your instrument's feel and sound.

We can also repair "electronics noise and buzz" or replace your existing pickups with new models to improve your guitar's performance. We service all makes and models of guitars and basses and stock a full line of replacement parts. 

For questions on pricing, turn around times, or for any further details, please call us at 306.757.2531 or send us an email at



We are also proud to be a depot for TJ Silljer and Prairie Guitars. TJ offers extensive guitar repair services with over 10 years of experience. You can contact TJ directly by phone or text at 306.737.8106 or send him an email request at