Summer Lessons Package

Our Summer Lessons Package is back!

We are offering a package of eight 30 minute guitar or bass lessons online or in person through July and August all for a one-time upfront payment of $160!

There are a range of times available and our instructor Trevor teaches a wide range of musical styles and techniques! 

Lessons are available for ages 10 and up. 

Trevor is dedicated to helping you reach your personal music goals. He is also committed to teaching you the style of music you prefer and will tailor your lessons to meet your needs.

Email lessons@bsharpmusic.com to book your spot or with any questions, and read Trevor’s bio below for more information regarding his background and experience!

Guitar and Bass Lessons

We offer private (one student, one teacher) guitar and bass lessons in our upstairs studio at our Regina retail location OR online with our teacher Trevor Moskal. Weekly ½ hour lessons (4 per month) are available as well as 1 hour lessons every second week (2 per month) for a cost of $80.00 per month. Please note that lessons are available for ages 10 and up. 

To speak with Trevor regarding scheduling or lesson details, please contact him directly at lessons@bsharpmusic.com


Lessons Payment

We offer several different methods to make paying for lessons as convenient as possible for you! 

  • To pay for 1 month of lessons online with a credit card, click here.
  • To pay for our Summer Lessons Package online with a credit card, click here.
  • If you prefer to pay via e-transfer from your bank, send your payment to store@bsharpmusic.com.
  • And as always, we accept cash, cheque, debit, or credit in-store too!


Biography of Trevor Moskal

My name is Trevor Moskal and I showed an interest in music at a very early age. In Grade 2, my parents enrolled me in organ lessons, where I had a very good aptitude for playing music by ear. In Grade 4, my interest shifted to guitar while learning from many instructors, including taking lessons from B Sharp Music. While in high school, at the age of 14, I played in my first rock band with a group of friends. Shortly after, I joined the Regina Catholic Jazz Band on guitar while playing percussion and bass guitar for the Riffel High School Band. This led to the more extensive guitar study with classical guitar at the Conservatory of Music in Regina. 

After high school, I studied a year of music at Brandon University to continue to develop my theoretical knowledge and transcribing skills. During this time I also participated in choir and continued to play for BU’s Jazz Band. Then, I moved back to Regina where I regrouped with a few friends from high school, formed a rock band, and we began booking ourselves in bars and clubs in the Reinga and Moose Jaw area. While simultaneously working on a banking career, I landed a role in Winnipeg, where I was quick to seek additional musicians to form yet another band. Finding a spot in the Winnipeg music scene, I began to strengthen my vocal abilities with two years of voice training at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Winnipeg. 

I completed my banking career in 2013 and decided to complete an outstanding English Degree at the University of Regina, which prompted my move back here. Simultaneously, I connected with many musicians which gave me the opportunity to play on larger stages such as Rockin’ The Field in Minnedosa, MB and Country Thunder in Craven, SK. I am currently active with the bands One More Time and The Country Band occasionally playing classic rock and country music respectively. My recent achievements have been teaching an astronomy lab at the U of R and completing both my B.A. in English and Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B. Ed.). 

Today, I still have passion for music and education. As a guitar instructor I can accommodate many styles of music on bass or guitar, and work with you to achieve your musical goals, whether learning a few chords to advanced techniques in soloing. I also teach a variety of styles of music and look forward to helping learners foster and develop their musical skills and goals.