DPDI Passive Direct Injection Box


Digiflex is proud to introduce the DPDI or Digiflex Passive Direct Injection box. Quality direct boxes are hard to find in today's disposable marketplace - either quality products are too expensive or the economy version is too fragile. Digiflex has found the perfect solution for quality at a reasonable price.

The Digiflex direct box is designed and engineered in Canada with the ruggedness and sound quality that rivals the more expensive units on the market. The Digiflex direct box excels in all these areas yet it is very affordable and will last for years to come. The chassis is a clamshell design constructed of 16awg steel. The connectors are recessed so the box can withstand drops onto concrete floors without breaking. The transformer can handle up to 25 dBU of signal at 60Hz and 1% distortion.

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