UltraLight Steel String Guitar Capo in Black


The UltraLight Capo works on both Acoustic AND Electric steel string guitar.

Easy to use, helps keep you in tune and doesn't get in the way of your fretting hand.

The World's Lightest Capo! Weighing in at an astonishing 1/4 OZ/8g the UltraLight offers functionality far above its weight.

Click. Twist. Play. Fast, fine-tune adjustment at your fingertips to keep you in tune and buzz-free.

The G7th UltraLight Capo comes complete with Lifetime Warranty.

Version 6 String acoustic or electric guitar
Colour Black
Adjustable Tension Yes
Weight 8g / 0.3oz
Size and shape Essentially a strap around your guitar neck, it's virtually unnoticeable.
Max fingerboard width 2 1/16" (52mm)
Max neck depth 1 1/16" (27mm)

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